Article 11: Provisions for the Continuation of the Club 

1.     Elections

a.     A general club meeting shall be held before the last week in March in order to elect incoming Executive Committee Officers. Elected positions, in order of balloting, comprise:

i.      President;

ii.     Vice Presidents

b.     The proceedings of the elections shall be conducted by the Elections Returns Officer and a Deputy. The results shall be reported by the like;

c.      Candidates wishing to run must announce their candidacy two Thursday prior to balloting by submitting a proposal to the Elections Returns Officer;

d.     Candidates must submit a platform the Thursday prior to the election, which will be made public to all voting members;

e.      Each within each candidate’s proposal it shall state whether the individual is running for the position of President or a Vice President position. However if the candidate for President does not win the election, he or she is entitled to run for a Vice Presidential position;

f.      Votes shall be by secret ballot, one ballot per position per paying QIAA member present (absentee ballots are available under special circumstance);

g.     There will be one round of voting for each elected position, with one ballot per position;

h.     Candidates shall have four minutes(President) and three minutes (Vice-Presidents) each to state their candidacy for their desired positions. This shall be followed by a Questions and Answers period, which should not exceed fifteen minutes. The electors will rank the candidates in order of preference [(1) being their preferred candidate, (2) being their second preference and so on], for each position.

i.       Once balloting has ended, the Elections Officers will tally the votes, according to the preference score. A ranking of (1) shall denote 5-point while a ranking of (2) shall denote 3-points and a ranking of (3) shall denote 1-point. All other rankings shall denote 0-points.

i.     The candidate with the highest score shall be the winner of the position. Should there be a tie for highest score, the candidate with the most (1) rankings shall be declared the winner;

j.       In the event of a lack of confidence, another election will be held in one week’s time.

2.     Executive Committee Transition:

a.     The newly elected Executive Officers shall request the serving Executive Officers for all QIAA files, its bank account, and the final report on the financial status of the club before the 30th of April;

b.     The newly elected Officers shall be responsible for all club proceedings beginning the 1st of May;

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