Article 10: Election Returns Officer and Deputy

1.     The Elections Returns Officer and Deputy shall:

a.     Be composed of the incumbent QIAA President and Vice Presidents (that are not themselves up for election);

b.     Be responsible to QIAA as a whole;

c.      Not publicly endorse: support, criticize, or offer any other opinion of any candidate standing for election, unless the subject is himself or herself;

d.     Be entitled to vote as per full QIAA members.

2.     The Elections Returns Officer’s duties are as follows:

a.     Record and tally votes and announce the winner of each election; and

b.     Read statements offered by those seeking election to the Executive Committee in absentia.

c.      The Elections Returns Officer shall be the incumbent QIAA President

3.     The Deputy Returns Officer’s duties are as followers:

a.     Assist the Elections Returns Officer in the election process.

b.     The Deputy Returns Officers shall be the incumbent QIAA Vice Presidents

4.     If a President is unable to complete their term their spot will be filled by the Vice-President who got the most collective votes in the election, if it is a tie it is broken by their number of first place votes

a.     An election will then we held to fill that Vice-Presidents Spot

5.     If a Vice- President is unable to complete their term their spot an election can be called to fill their spot

6.     If a President or a Vice-President is deemed unfit to carry out their job for the rest of the term, an impeachment process can be launched by raising a point at Core Executive and getting a 2/3 majority of the Core Executive to call an AGM

a.      The impeachment must pass by a 2/3 majority at the AGM to go through.

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